This wax has an anti-inflammatory protection. Pearlescent texture with wonderful thin consistency. Formulated for large areas.
Excellent for dry flaking skin. It is tough on hair but gentle on skin.
It softens wax to ensure the pull is less aggressive.
Active Ingredients:
Titanium dioxide and Mica, Rosin, Mineral Oil
Net Contents: 800 gms


Formulated with Pure Shea Butter, specially recommended for those professionals that prefer the consistency of traditional waxing with the hygienic advantages. Specially formulated for very sensitive skin and with a low pain threshold. It’s rich formula leaves the skin hydrated and smooth. This wax has antiinflammatory healing action on skin. It also deeply moisturizes the skin and is a powerful cell regenerator giving skin its elasticity back.
Active Ingredients:
Shea Butter, Titanium Dioxide
Net Contents: 800 gms


Creamy texture saturated with talc to create a silky and non sticky feeling after hair removal. Ideal for warm temperatures and dry/tanned skins. Gives a baby skin finish. Appropriate for those preferring a sweet aroma with a creamy texture with minimal stickiness.
Active Ingredients:
Pine Rosin derivatives, Talc
Net Contents: 750 ml